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Studio Exclusives

Did you know we have items available exclusively through our Vancouver studio? We can use any existing Spawts impression (or impression you have from another material) to make your custom Spawts Mug, water and food bowls, treat jars and more. Contact our Studio directly for more information!

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Original Spawt

Glazed with one of our nine earth-inspired shades, the Original Spawt comes to you in our custom made display tin. Hang it on the wall or display it atop your mantle with a picture of your loved one in the window.

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Fur Match Spawt

Include a fur sample or photo with your impression and we will use it as colour and texture inspiration as we craft your Custom Spawt. Each artist’s interpretation is unique, so your keepsake will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Framed Spawt 002.jpg

Framed Spawt

Our custom shadow box is hand-made by our local framer with your loved one’s name etched on the glass. All frames are black with a dark grey matte.

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Standing Spawt

Proudly display your impression (in the tin or out) with one of our Spawts cast iron display easels.

Renewed Spawt 002.jpg

Renewed Spawt

Already have an imprint and wish it was from Spawts? We use the highest quality material to make a mold and cast your original impression. Your Renewed Spawt can be custom finished and will hold every detail, as precise as the first.

Repaired Spawt 002.jpg

Dropped Spawt

Yes, we can repair or recast your Original dropped Spawt. Contact our Studio to discuss your options.